People are our greatest asset and the key to our continuous success. We appreciate and respect the value they add to our business on a daily basis, delivering the service on board. Utmost effort is made to guarantee the well-being, motivation and skill level of our personnel.

We continuously invest in development of our teams, helping them to maximise their potential in work and life. As a result, our clients constantly receive high quality of service delivered by happy and competent crews.

At FOSS & ESG, people are not just numbers. Providing exceptional service requires strong teamwork where everyone delivers his or her part, supporting each other in a safe and stimulating working environment. Everyone’s contribution is valued and rewarded.

There is no place for politics and discrimination of any kind. We create a truly multicultural environment which generates leaders who deliver superior catering and housekeeping service to our clients.

We develop some of the best trained catering crews offshore. Upon joining our team, everyone undergoes though a market-leading on-the-job training program covering all aspect of service delivery. Our internal training centre, founded in 2001, provides structured in-class training in Hygiene, HACCP, First Aid, Risk Assessment, Health and Safety at Work, Nutrition, Healthier Foods and Special Diets, Manual Handling and COSHH.

Upon completion every employee receives a certificate issued by Royal Environmental Health Institute of Scotland (REHIS) and Royal Society for Public Health (RSPH). Regular refresher courses are held to keep the skill levels up-to-date. We continue to look for various ways to extend training provided to our personnel to better meet the evolving needs of the offshore industry.