FOSS & ESG Commences Services on GeoSea Apollo

10 August 2018

FOSS & ESG has commenced catering and housekeeping services on board of GeoSea Apollo, a newbuild heavy-lift jack-up vessel that will be serving offshore projects in the North Sea.

GeoSea Apollo is based on the GustoMSC NG-5500X design, is equipped with an 800-ton leg-encircling crane and can work at depths of down to 70 metres. The vessel will be used for wind turbine installation, heavy load transportation and assembly, as well as an accommodation platform. Apollo has standard accommodation for 90 persons on board upgradable to 150.

This is the 5th GeoSea’s vessel served by FOSS & ESG, which is already providing its services on board of Neptune, Goliath, Thor, and Innovation.

GeoSea Apollo, image courtesy GeoSea

FOSS & ESG Catering