FOSS & ESG Secures a New Contract with Borr Drilling

28 November 2018

Borr Drilling has awarded FOSS & ESG a contract for catering and housekeeping services on board of Borr RAN.

The jackup is currently warm stacked in the Netherlands. A re-activation programme has been commenced to prepare the unit for a project with Spirit Energy taking place in the UK sector early 2019.

The Ran is a high-specification jackup managed and owned by Borr Drilling. The rig is a premium harsh environment jackup of KFELS Super A design; it become operational in 2013. The rig has a max water depth of 400ft and a max drill depth to 35,000ft. It can accommodate up to 150 people on board.

This is the 3rd Borr Drilling unit served by FOSS & ESG. We are already providing its services on board of B391 and C20051 jackups.

Borr RAN, image courtesy Borr Drilling